How Long?

"The message after 50 years is still unresolved" remarks Samuel Egerton, who donated the poster to the Smithsonian after carrying it in protest during the 1963 March on Washington. (Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture)

Who We Are

RIGHTTHERE Corportation (RTC) strongly advocates that both police officers and innocent citizens should return home safely. RTC Supports Law Enforcement in their duties to serve and protect our communities. We believe that all citizens should be protected equally by trained and skilled Police Officers. However, RTC is strongly against police misconduct, lack of transparency between the community and the Police Departments, and the lack of de-escalation training, which is not mandated in every state. All citizens should be treated equally with respect, given the benefit of the doubt and not presumed guilty because of the color of their skin.

RIGHTTHERE has developed a smart subscription based app (RTC Protech) that assist in preventing police misconduct, reducing civil rights violations and much more.

Plan of Action


RIGHTTHERE Corporation has developed RTC Protech app to accomplish our mission of preventing police misconduct.


By tackling this historic and current social issue, we can help to provide a safer environment for us all.


Help reduce potential civil rights violations, create safer encounters with police and to make justice work for all.

How it Works: RTC Protech App™


When stopped by Police – Activate by voice or touch

Data Collection

App will go into proprietary customized mode. RTC will begin recording audio and video and collect GPS position.


RTC Protech App will send alerts to preassigned contacts.


Patent Pending Approval*

“This could be your child. This could be anybody’s child.”

Lesley McSpadden Mother of Michael Brown

“Mutual trust and respect are critical components to better policing…..Building strategies around this notion is important not only for improving relationships within our communities, but also for making them safer places to live.”

John Hollywood Senior Operations Researcher; Policing Market Manager